As superyachts have continued to grow in size and complexity, so too has the role of superyacht captains and senior crew. Superyachts today represent one of the world’s most complex luxury assets. Not only are the vessels complex in terms of the technology and systems that they have on board, but they are also complex to manufacture, they may have complex ownership structures and, increasingly, the regulatory environment is adding supplementary layers of complexity to a superyacht captain's role. Superyacht captains are typically present at every stage of the manufacturing, ownership and operational journey and, as such, represent the industry’s coalface.

As part of an ongoing crowd-sourced project, The Superyacht Group is inviting stakeholders to have their say on the developments and challenges associated with being a superyacht captain today. Whether it is navigation, training, safety, recruitment, management, logistics, tender operations, sustainability, technology or any number of the many and varied elements of the market that affect superyacht captains, we invite stakeholders to reach out and have their say.

This is an open call to stakeholders across the industry to share ideas and leads, contribute thought-provoking editorial, or highlight topics that we should be focussing on, all based on the most pertinent operational subject matter.  

If you are interested in taking part in this project or would like to learn more, please contact william@thesuperyachtgroup with the subject line ‘The Superyacht Captains Report’. The ideas generated throughout this period will directly influence the content that will be published in both print and online in the coming months.

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