As part of our ongoing commitment to accurate information, honest market insight and well-researched reportage, we are extending a public invitation to industry stakeholders, local experts and media influencers to contact us if they want to become part of our growing network of global correspondents.
Anyone interested in becoming part of our news community, and who shares our commitment to journalism written with integrity is welcome to become part of this next-generation community.
As evidenced by the publication of our forthcoming edition of The Pacific Superyacht Report, we are committed to an ever-greater balancing of regional market coverage from around the world.

And we continue to stand alone as the primary source of information for every sector of the industry, from OEMs to crew, and from professional services to regulators. Our aim is to cover every sector of this industry with equal vigour, and we would welcome the support of those around the world who share this vision.

This is an ongoing campaign, and there are no entry requirements as such, except a commitment to honest journalism and the betterment of our industry through accurate information dissemination.
So, regardless of your background and location, if you would like to find out more about becoming a SuperyachtNews contributor, please contact for more details.  

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