Developed by Sanlorenzo's R&D and IT team, the Smart Helmet is a device that integrates second-generation HoloLens visor technology, an effective signal transmission system even in shielded environments, and a communication application developed to connect with the workstations of the Sanlorenzo service technicians.

The system enables audio/video communication in high definition and with augmented reality between an operator on board wearing the Smart Helmet and the service technicians on site, creating a tool to allow the service team to provide remote assistance in a more efficient way.

Featuring an 8mp 1080p30 video camera, four visible light cameras and two infrared cameras, the Smart Helmet allows the on-board user to transmit what they see via video call to the remote service technician, enabling the latter to immediately understand and assess the problem.

Using a specially-developed application, the service operator can provide assistance by interacting in real time, even at a distance of thousands of kilometres, with the person on board through the exchange of images, videos and technical diagrams, which are projected onto the Smart Helmet display in the form of holograms.

The user of the Smart Helmet, in turn, can interact with the holograms, by manipulating or moving them from the direct field of view as needed, or modifying them with arrows or other signs to highlight certain points in the surrounding environment shown live. This form of virtual presence on board can, therefore, enable the resolution of technical problems by guiding the user in the implementation of the most appropriate recovery or intervention procedures.

The Smart Helmet also allows the flow of documentary information to be managed in a specific and efficient way. The ability to take photos and record videos allows one to keep track of the intervention, creating an important archive of information for Sanlorenzo's service groups.

The device is being introduced as standard equipment on Sanlorenzo superyachts from 2021. Before being assigned to the captain or chief engineer, an R&D technician will provide a short practical training course carried out on board the yacht. Other Smart Helmet devices have already been assigned to service technicians stationed in major service centres abroad.

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